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Collectible Coin 4 Pack

Exclusive 7 Day Offer for Products for Good Customers:

  • Collectible coins sold in a four pack for $10 (plus $2.75 S&H) on a Certificate of Authenticity as shown below!
  • Please limit to 10 packs to make sure we can make this opportunity available to each of our thousands of past Customers.
  • Exclusive to PFG Customers and John Boy and Billy listeners for 7 days before available to the general public, and When They’re Gone, They’re Gone!
  • Thank a Veteran, service member, or educate a child about those who have served and sacrificed for our Country.
  • Normal return policy - if not satisfied for any reason, no questions refund.
  • The ideal STOCKING STUFFER Gift for the Holiday Season!

As always the profits will be used to benefit those suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress. Thank you for your support!


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