Never Has $20 Done So Much Good

Raising Money - helping military families

Our mission for Products for Good and Honor One is simple: raising money for financial help for veterans, firefighters and police. How? By having US citizens - the 300 million beneficiaries of their military service - purchase military gift packages from Products for Good or support help for veterans by joining Honor One. We give 100% of our profits to the best charities to donate to - like TAPS, Helping A Hero, MFLCF and Aleethia

Empowering Our Members - Our program is powerful. Here is just one of a thousand letters we receive:

Thank you so much for sending me the link to your videos. Absolutely breathtaking!!!!! And by the way, your warning didn't work... I am not afraid to admit that I did have tears flowing. Be very proud of the fact that you bless the lives of many through your work.

I am sitting here at home after a very long day of preparing for the upcoming Democratic National Convention. I am in absolute awe of what you and your organization do for the true Hero's of our country. As I hope you know, I am a fan of what you do and what your organization stands for.

Let me know what I can do to promote Products for Good and Honor One. Keep up the GREAT work and please stay in touch and may God Bless you and your family.

Kindest Regards,

Dave Tresaloni
Asst. General Manager
Wilson Air Center - CLT

As with Dave, please watch our videos to learn more about how our veterans support organization can make a positive change. Click this video link: Inspiring Videos

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Honor One - Take our $20 challenge

Our motto is: Never has $20 done so much good to supply help for veterans. For your $20 support we:

  • give a shadowbox coin case to a hospitalized veteran
  • employ disabled workers who assemble the products
  • donate all our profits to the best charities to donate to
  • send you a military gift coin (worth more than $20)

Now it's our turn to serve them:

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There Is A Need

There are two million men and woman currently in our armed forces (and countless in our police and firefighter departments). There are six million being treated at VA hospitals. There are 300 million US citizens that we call "the beneficiaries". As we know all too well, government services are shrinking.

You have probably come to this web page because you understand the plight of our military, firefighters and law enforcement. The average citizen, however, does not. They just don't know the burden our military has for providing more for less. They are unaware that military veterans returning home from active duty are not properly integrated back into communities and, as a result, have an inordinate divorce and suicide rate.

One hundred percent of our profits go to supporting good charities to donate to. We help our military, police and firefighters through programs that assist our wounded and their families for the long term. Our “Honor One, Help Many” initiative also helps provide employment for disabled workers, many with Down Syndrome, because all of our gifts are assembled by Cleveland Vocational Industries, a facility in North Carolina that provides work opportunities for mentally and physically challenged individuals who normally have a barrier to the work force.

Now it's our turn to serve them:

Click here: $20 support Honor One

Click here to join Honor One Today

Stories of Hope

The Air Compassion story

Tim was a wounded military veteran who had lost his legs and lower extremity in combat and was at Walter Reed VA Hospital. His family did not know how long he had to live. His only wish was to get home for Christmas, which meant he would need his own plane transport. Lane Ostrow, founder of Honor One and Products for Good went on The Big Show with John Boy & Billy and asked the radio listeners about helping military families. He presented Tim's story and the need for a military donation of $50,000.

One hour after the program ended, Air Compassion called and said they would donate the air transport for free. They had the volunteers and personnel to make the donation happen. Fedex donated services, as well. It ended up being the ultimate military gift and inspired help for veterans.

Our Air Compassion story is just one of many that exemplifies our veterans support organization providing financial assistance for veterans so we can continue helping military families.

A Huntsville Homecoming

Vietnam Vet, Duane Sheppard, of Richmond VA, purchased our military gift - shadow box coin case for his mom in her dad’s memory (he had fought in WWII). She had an overwhelming reaction to both our military gift and how it was helping military families help hospitalized veterans. As a result, she wanted to say thank you and help our veterans support organization. Honor One found a way:

It was Veterans weekend with a big Fort Lee veteran memorial church event scheduled with over 200 military, police and firefighters in attendance. Lane Ostrow was asked to speak on behalf of Products for Good and Honor One, then present each wounded veteran with a military gift coin for their service. The first vet was from WWII and he spoke about his military service. As did the next World War II veteran and then Vietnam veterans, etc. What should have been 20 minutes of vets accepting gifts for their military families ended up taking two hours of veterans helping veterans through storytelling. There was not a dry eye in the church.

One Vietnam veteran cried from the beginning to the end and could not even talk about his military service when it was his turn. A grand child thanked his grandfather by saying, “Thank you for coming home, grandpa”. Two military wives had the same story: neither of their veteran husbands had ever talked about their service... until that day.

Products for Good and Honor One have a way of touching military veterans. Please help us by sharing our message.

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Every Gift Has a Story

Thank you so much for all you do for our military. Sometimes words are not enough to show your appreciation for those who fight to protect us. My father is 73 years old and served in the Marines and Air Force. I was trying to think of something to give him for Father’s Day when I realized I had never said thank you for protecting me and my rights even before he knew my mother.

Rachel Thompson
Piedmont, SC

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