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"Never in the field of human conflict has so much been owed by so many to so few."
 ~ Winston Churchill

Honor One, Help Many - Veterans Support Organization

Most Americans do not realize the need that military, police and firefighters have for a veterans support organization like ours. We do. And that is why we have created a unique line of inspiring military gifts!

Help for veterans is made easy with Products for Good and Honor One. Here is how you can participate:

  1. Have your friends watch the inspiring videos on this website
  2. Purchase one of our military gifts. Click the Shop Military Gifts tab for the soldier, police officer or firefighter in your life
  3. Join Honor One Mailing list today and stay connected
  4. Share our message with your world on Facebook

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"Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But the U.S. ARMED FORCES don't have that problem."
 ~ Ronald Reagan

"This nation will remain the land of the free, so long as it is the home of the brave."
 ~ Elmer Davis

Honor One, Help Many - Never has $20 done so much good

"I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free."
 ~ Lee Greenwood

Now it's our turn to serve them:
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Collectible Coin 4 Pack

Collectible Coin 4 Pack

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Products for Good - Military gift of a lifetime

"I gave my husband the shadowbox and, after we both cried, he spoke to me for the first time about his military service. It was magical. Thank you so much"

We are doing everything humanly possible to raise money for helping military families. Thanks to you, we can provide help for veterans, police and firefighters when you purchase our military gift packages like our White House Edition shadowbox coin case (pictured at the top of this page) or velvet coin box. This is just one way to say, "thank you" to those who served and provide financial assistance for veterans.

We are also proud that all our products are assembled at Cleveland Vocational Industries who employ disabled workers with mental and physical challenges – many with Down Syndrome. This truly adds meaning to our mission of helping military families.

We also have created a way to support our troops for as little as $20 in our Honor One, Help Many campaign:

With your $20 support we:

  • match with others to give a shadowbox coin case to help hospitalized veterans
  • assemble the gift with disabled workers
  • send you a military gift coin worth more than $20

"The gift was great. But knowing disabled workers assembled it made it that much more special..."

The best part of our programs is the overwhelming response. We truly believed we found a unique way to find the best gifts for those who have served. What we didn’t see coming was the emotional impact it had on helping military families. Thousands of letters have flooded our office with customer testimonials thanking us for selling them our military gifts and helping hospitalized veterans. Watch our inspiring videos to see more by clicking this link: Honor One, Help Many

Now it's our turn to serve them:
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Raising money - Financial assistance for veterans

General David Petraeus of West Point adds perspective:

The day I got into West Point my mom bawled her eyes out because she knew how hard I worked to become an infantry officer. That same day one of my teachers said: "David, you're a smart guy, you don't have to join the military. You should go to college, instead."

I could easily write a theme defending West Point, explaining that USMA is an elite institution, that it is statistically harder to enlist in the military than get admitted to college, that serving our nation is a challenge that all able men and woman should consider, but I won't.

What I will say is that when a 16 year-old kid is being told that attending West Point will be bad for his future then there is a dangerous disconnect in America, and entirely too many Americans have no idea what kind of burdens our military is bearing.

World War II: 11.2% of the US served in 4 years
Vietnam era: 4.3% served in 12 years
Since 2001: .5% served in war on terror

Over time, fewer people have shouldered more burden. Taxes did not increase to pay for the war. War bonds were not sold. Gas was not regulated. In fact, the average citizen was asked to sacrifice nothing and has sacrificed nothing unless they volunteered to do so.

Only the veterans and their families have sacrificed. Those who swore an oath to defend this nation. They stand there, deployment after deployment and fight on. They've lost relationships, spent years in extreme conditions, years apart from kids, years they'll never get back, and beaten their body in a way that even professional athletes don't.

Then they come home to a nation that doesn't understand. They don't understand suffering, sacrifice and why we fight for them. They don't understand that bad people exist. Meanwhile, Congress is debating their benefits, retirement, and pay while they ask them to do more.

But the amazing thing is that the veterans all know this. They know our country will never pay back what was given up. They know that the populace at large will never truly understand or appreciate what has been done for them. But our military men and woman do it anyway. They do what has been done since 1775. THEY SERVED. Just that decision alone makes them part of an elite group.

Thank you to the 11.2% and 4.3% who have served. Thank you to the 0.45% who continue to serve. General David Petraeus